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How to optimize listings for eBay SEO

Best Ecommerce Platforms. Online Ecommerce Success Stories. Working out how to sell online can feel overwhelming we know from firsthand experience. You can sell online across different channels, without hiring an army of staff, giving up on sleep OR growing another pair of arms. In a nutshell, ecommerce store builders provide apps that allow you to integrate your online selling with Amazon, Facebook — the works! Linking your online store to your social media or a marketplace can be done at the click of a button.

This means your products are synced with, for example, your Facebook page. Update a product on your online store, and the product also gets updated on your Facebook page. You can sell online on multiple channels, but manage your business from one place — magic! With your smartphone you can manage your life from one place.

In the same way, ecommerce store builders are a one-stop-shop for selling online. You decide the look and feel of your store and how your products are presented. Online store builders let you showcase your products and process sales in a faster and easier way than ever before.

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You can automate a lot of mundane processes, giving you more time to focus on other parts of your business. Over , people, for example, sell online through businesses powered by Shopify. One thing to keep in mind is these platforms are designed to help you sell. The templates pre-designed themes that you use to fill your store with content and colors are created with selling in mind. The comparison chart below shows how they compare in the areas that matter most. Each of the rated platforms offer a free trial period, so you can test it out before spending any of your hard-earned dollars.

You can sign up using the buttons in the table below. You can see a full-features comparison in our up-to-date chart.

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Get your store up and running before the Black Friday rush, and save some money in the process. BigCommerce is currently running an exclusive special holiday offer across its small business plans, offering up to 3 months free when you sign up now. Having your own store when selling online gives you credibility. Internet shoppers are a cynical bunch and the more reasons you can give them to trust you, the more likely they are to buy from you. Would you be more likely to buy a pair of sneakers from a seller with just an Amazon account?

Or one with their own branded website, integrated with social media and marketplaces? Before we move on, though, there are two big reasons why ecommerce platforms are the best way to sell online: abandoned cart recovery and mobile responsiveness.

How To Sell Online | Start Making Money Today (Nov 19)

Abandoned cart allows you to email customers who have reached the checkout page but given up on their order. Maybe they left the kettle on. Maybe the internet crashed. Either way, you can remind them of their order and give them the chance to complete it without filling all the details out again.

Think of online selling as similar to fishing. Abandoned cart recovery is like having a special net that scoops up loads of the fish that have managed to wriggle out of your first trawl! If you want to know how to sell online successfully, your store must work as well on mobile as a desktop or laptop.

Ecommerce platforms are the best way to sell online. This article deals with how to sell online. For information on a specific platform, including how to sell on Shopify, BigCommerce and Wix, read our comparison chart and platform reviews. Selling on a marketplace like Amazon, Etsy or eBay is extremely popular. The barrier to entry for selling on an online marketplace is very low. In simple terms, all you need to do is:.

Marketplaces such as Amazon and, Etsy expose you to a massive number of potential customers and enable you to start selling very quickly. Why should a shopper buy from you if your storefront looks almost identical to your competition? To become successful, you need your own online store to stand apart.

How To Sell Online | Start Making Money Today

While selling directly on Amazon or eBay is a lot easier nowadays, relying solely on them can be a huge mistake. For instance, the Amazon search algorithm is always changing so your products might show up one day, and might not the next. A good brand gives trust to shoppers. At the core, trust is hugely important when it comes to learning how to sell online successfully. That said, marketplaces can be effective if you want to only sell a small number of products. This is because you can get online and start selling with no support, minimal upfront costs and no background knowledge.

Marketplaces do charge transaction fees, so check before you sign up. These can be heftier than you think. The marketplace is hugely popular with people selling electronics, books and DVDs. You can offer delivery options that are convenient for your customers at a competitive price. Pay a bit extra, and Amazon will store and deliver your goods for you. This makes it a very attractive one-stop-ecommerce-shop for online sellers who are just starting out.

Etsy is a marketplace used predominantly by people selling arts and crafts. As a result, the customer-base is more focused. Customers tend to have more cash to splash and the more personal feel means Etsy is a good place to build up a brand. You can pretty much sell anything you like.

This makes it very accessible, but means it can be next to impossible to build a brand and stand out from the crowd. Along with marketplaces, social media is a popular way to match you and your products with customers. The problem of selling exclusively through Facebook is that you have to manually manage orders, which can be very time-consuming.

On the other hand, if you sell through an ecommerce platform linked to your Facebook page , you can manage all your product updates and inventory from one place. Grab paper and a pen and get ready to start sketching out your online ecommerce strategy. We love this quote from dot com business supremo Seth Godin — it sums up how if you want to sell online, your products are critical.

Think about it: a restaurant can have fancy tables and classy waiters, but if the food tastes bad are people going to eat there? With online store builders like Shopify you can easily sell digital products such as ebooks. Imagine knowing in advance what the best-selling or trending products of will be.

Dropshipping Secrets Revealed: How We Grew a Dropshipping Business to $4.5 Million

This is all about maximizing your chances of success. Products that are an awkward size, fragile or perishable like food are generally more expensive to stock and to ship. When deciding what to sell online, take this into account as it can have a big impact on your bottom line. So when you decide to sell products online, how do you display them so they actually sell?

The two principal parts of how to sell online successfully are:. We cover our golden rules in more detail in our guide on how to design a product page. Ecommerce platforms are a great option if you want to know how to sell online because they give such great flexibility with how you want to display products.

Online store builders also help you add alt text to your images — a huge plus for SEO. These are little bits of text that tell Google what your image is about and help your product page rank in results pages. Think of alt tags as the labels on an item of clothing in a shop. How to Start an Online Store — Our complete step-by-step guide on setting up your online store. How to Start an Online Clothing Store — A closer look at the things to consider when selling clothes online.

The words you add to your store should do far more than just describe the product. The biggest reason for this is SEO.

Finding The Best Products To Sell Online:

Search Engine Optimization should be one of your top considerations when crafting a winning product description. SEO is the technique of increasing traffic to your store through organic search results the list that appears when you type something into Google. To rank for search terms related to your products, your descriptions need to include keywords — popular words your customers are looking up.

The words in the bold are examples of keywords. When writing a description, make a list of keywords related to your product and make sure you incorporate at least three or four. This is the point where we give you a checklist of the key things you need to sell online, from payment to shipping.

If you want more information about any of the things in our checklist, head to our FAQs. This is the jazzy bit of learning how to sell online. Experiment and see which one works best for you.

A useful exercise is to imagine you are your target customer and ask yourself: where would I look for the products I want? You have access to billions of potential customers at your fingertips. Play around with posting links to products, advertising promotions and sharing information about your brand on a range of different sites. To start with, we recommend trying: Facebook; Instagram and Pinterest. Latch on to relevant trends by including hashtags in your posts. The cost to entry is very low on social media sites. With eBay, you are more likely to be in the building stages of your e-commerce business.

You may also sell expensive, niche products that carry a higher margin and do not lend themselves to a mass-commerce platform, wish to keep as much control over your business as possible, and prefer to be well supported as a seller.