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The comet assay can be considered a sensitive tool for measuring the deleterious effect of cadmium on DNA integrity in spiders. All rights reserved. Full Text Available The aim of this study was to determine the cutting ability of chemical vapor deposition CVD diamond burs coupled to an ultrasonic dental unit handpiece for minimally invasive cavity preparation. One standard cavity was prepared on the mesial and distal surfaces of 40 extracted human third molars either with cylindrical or with spherical CVD burs.

The cutting ability was compared regarding type of substrate enamel and dentin and direction of handpiece motion. The morphological characteristics, width and depth of the cavities were analyzed and measured using scanning electron micrographs. This work aimed to evaluate spray distribution by spraying hydraulic nozzles for the application of herbicides in the pre-emergence of weeds, due to the spacing in spraying boom used in areas reforested with eucalyptus. The spraying liquid distribution evaluation was done in patternator table. It was sprayed water plus 0. The observed.

The spray nozzles are one of the most important components of pesticide hydraulic sprayers. This study aimed at evaluating the chemical control of the rust and the deposition of fungicide sprayed on soybean concerning different nozzles, and application volumes. Nozzles are responsible for the formation of drops, with each side presenting its own characteristics related to droplet deposition spectrum and profile specific to certain targets.

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This study aimed to characterize the diameter and uniformity of the droplets and volumetric distribution profile of nozzles AI and TTI, as well as their effect on the mortality of scarlet morningglory, using pre-emergent herbicide, alone or combined with adjuvants. The number of emerging. Environmental stratification based on a 28 x 28 diallel of open-pollinated maize varieties.

Full Text Available The objective of this study was to assess the representativeness of the test environments used by the maizebreeding program of Embrapa in the first phase of genotype evaluation. Ear weight of hybrids from a diallel of 28 openpollinatedvarieties OPVs evaluated in ten environments were used. The phenotypic correlation between genotype means in the pairwise groupedenvironments, interpreted as coefficient of genotypic determination, indicated that non-genetic causes were responsible for Este EEG era normal quanto a outros aspectos.

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During the EEG ten taps were applied to both hands and feet. The occurrence of high voltage potentials evoked by each stimulation of one or both heels or hands SES and the occurrence of SEA were evaluated. SEA was observed in four children 2. This EEG was otherwise normal. Our findings of SEA are similar to those obtained in other normal populations. SES can be observed in normal children.

These SES suggest that we are dealing with an age-related functional phenomenon. This research is characterized as a case study, of the descriptive and exploratory type and of applied nature. It was observed problematic as the reduction of fishing productivity, alterations of the sea, difficulty in docking the rafts, and inadequate waste disposal, noting that this activity needs care regarding the use of the environment. Add the need for proposals aimed for managing the activity, involving fishermen, institutions and society, to ensure the improvement of the environment, hence the quality of life of the population.

MG-4 para controle de ninfas de cigarrinhas das pastagens Spray nozzles performance in Brachiaria brizantha cv.

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MG-4 for pastures spittlebugs nymphs control. The work aimed to study spray nozzles performance in pesticide sprayer deposition for controlling pastures spittlebugs nymphs in Brachiaria brizantha cv. MG-4 pasture. Full Text Available The academic interest regarding the knowledge that people in general have about plants and their uses has increased significantly.

This city shares borders with Pedro Juan Caballero Paraguay, a place where many people use these herbs. The residentsuse different kinds of plants which are planted around their houses. The leaf was the most used part to prepare the medicines. The plants used by this community belong to 17 families, 28 genera and 30 species, and the women from age group with junior high school degree who know the plants, their usage and the preparation of the medicines. These women are responsible to cultivate the plants in the backyards and around their houses.

The botanical families whichpresented higher number of species were Lamiaceae, Asteraceae and Leguminosae. Baccharis trimera Less.

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Os moradores fazem uso de grupo diversificado de. Full Text Available O objetivo do presente estudo foi avaliar os efeitos de diferentes dosagens de cloreto de mepiquat, thidiazuron e ethephon, aplicadas parceladamente no algodoeiro Gossypium hirsutum L. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of doses of mepiquat chloride, thidiazuron and ethephon on cotton Gossypium hirsutum L. The mepiquat chloride doses were: 0.

This study aims to determine the age at which the rolandic spikes RS appear and disappear in routine EEGs. METHOD: It has been carried out a hospital based prospective study of EEGs records of children who had been assisted at the neuropediatric out-patient department during the period between March, and March, The children have been divided into 4 groups, according to their age 1 to 4; 5 to 8; 9 to 16; 1 to 16, and the actuarial curve method has been used to show the disappearance of the rolandic spikes. The success of an efficient pesticide application depends on the synergy among factors such as droplet size, nozzle type, pressure, spray volume, spray tank mixture and target.

The aim of this work was to evaluate the spectrum of droplets produced by turbo flat-fan TT and air induction turbo flat-fan TTI spray nozzles, with different adjuvants added to the tank mix, using the laser diffraction technique. Over a month period, cultured oysters Crassostrea rhizophorae and Crassostrea gigas from Ponta do Sambaqui, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina State were evaluated microscopically and histologically for parasite infection.

Thirty mature individuals of each species were examined each season, for a total of oysters. The animals, which originated from laboratory spawning, were kept in culture lanterns suspended in long-line systems at a density of 40 oysters per floor.

Mortality, water temperature 19 to The total amount of dead oysters was 58 All C. Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate different spray nozzles for land applications in high speed on the coverage and deposit in soybean plants pulverization.

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It was evaluated the AXI 04 plane jet nozzles operated at speed of 4. The application volume was fixed in L ha Both analyses were done in samples collected from top, middle and bottom parts of the plants. The spray nozzles showed differences in coverage and deposit pattern, so in the top part, the coverage was increased with smaller drops and the deposits were increased with medium drops. In the other parts of the plants, there were no statistical differences between the treatments for both coverage and deposits.

Os tipos de solos encontrados pertencem aos grandes grupos dos Cambissolos, Latossolos, Nitossolos, Organossolos, Gleissolos e Neossolos com Afloramentos Rochosos. Fieldwork shows that the pegmatites formed in two distinct stages: i syn-collisional leucosome veins Group I conformable with the tectonic foliation of the gneissic host rocks and ii late- to post-collisional dykes Group II that cross-cut the same tectonic foliation at a high angle.

The composition of fluids in equilibrium within the pegmatite dykes consists of magmatic and metamorphic components. The minimum pressures calculated for the emplacement of the pegmatites are equivalent to a shallow crustal depth between 1. PURPOSE: to evaluate the concordance rate of ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy followed by excisional biopsy in palpable breast lumps, suggestive of fibroepithelial tumors. METHOD: a retrospective study included 70 biopsies with a histological diagnosis of fibroepithelial tumor in 67 out of patients with breast lesions submitted to ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy with a high frequency 7.

The importance of tutoring in teaching natural sciences with special students. This cut includes the themes: inclusion; teaching natural sciences and the role of the teacher; students with intellectual disabilities and the mentoring process in mainstream education. For realization of this research, references from different authors on these issues were analyzed.

Also participating in the study students of the Teacher Training Course CFD of the school, the researcher teacher and four teachers.

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The pedagogical action developed with the gang was systematized in a notebook of educational activities with a focused instructional sequence for teaching Natural Sciences, organized in an interdisciplinary manner, with an emphasis on mediation of the tutor as an adjunct in the child's teaching and learning process disability, since the tutelage of relationship is seen as beneficial for both the one who helps, the tutor, the one who is helped, the tutored.

Through the mentoring process can adjust the educational response to the particular needs of students, before curriculum and methodological adaptations. The survey results confirmed the need for the presence of a tutor for specialized educational services, mediating the process of teaching and student learning with special educational needs so that the inclusion really becomes effective.

Statistical analysis supporting decision-making about opening na university library on saturdays. Therefore, the study intended to support the decision of closing the university library on Saturdays in It was verified whether there is statistical significance in the relationship between the type of library user and the number of books borrowed on Saturdays, and whether the loan of books by postgraduate students was relevant compared to others.

Based on the loan data between February and December , it was determined that there is a significant relationship between the type of library user and the number of borrowed books, and that the loan of books by undergraduate students is the most relevant.

L'acné Juvénile 5eme

Also considering the saving of resources such as light and overtime and the maintenance of compliance with the norms of the Ministry of Education MEC for the approval of undergraduate courses, closing the units on Saturdays during the academic year of was the right decision. The spray nozzles are one of the most important components of pesticide hydraulic sprayer because they affect the characteristics of the emitted spray.

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The objective of this study was to evaluate three hydraulic spray nozzles standard flat fan, low drift flat fan and hollow cone for bean diseases control upon application of the fungicide chlorothalonil applied at 20, 30, 40 and 50 days after emergency DAE in a water volume of L ha For comparison, a non-treated plot was used.

A randomized complete-block design with four replications was used. The first symptoms of anthracnose, angular leaf spot and rust were observed at 20 DAE.